Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Flexible Health Insurance Option for Small Business

Going forward, and anticipating the future with Health Care Reform, many small businesses are looking for creative options to save money and yet offer good coverage for their employees.

Here is one such creative solution.

United Health has a new plan called Multi-Choice, and it has been getting positive press, such as this article in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

The company can purchase one of two packages, each of which has multiple benefit options. The employees can choose their coverage from a variety of copay and deductible levels. The employer contribution is a set amount for each employee; the employee contribution will vary depending on the plan that they chose.

New employees can come to the company and elect a plan that is similar to their old plan. The business can grow and change, and within this one package offer options to all of their employees.

This is a win-win for both companies and their workers. It provides predictable health care costs for the company, and choice of the amount of coverage to each and every worker.

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