Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exceptional Personal Service

When I find someone who does what they promise, and is quick to return a phone call or email, what a joy that is! I want to work with them more, and I go out of my way to send business their way.

ON the other hand, dealing with someone who doesn’t take responsibility, who doesn’t act quickly and treat each matter as an important one – or perhaps with an entire company that has this attitude – that is the worst! I want to run, not walk, away and wash my hands.

I recently took the Strengths Finder test online, after buying the book, and found that the theme of Responsibility is one of my strengths. I understand: this means that I hate to let others down, I like to follow through, and I like others to do the same.

Recently I dropped the ball myself and forgot to change an appointment with a colleague when I found out I couldn’t make it. Luckily he checked ahead of time, but I still felt terrible, and had to call him and apologize and make it right.

So I know I personally put a premium on being responsible and dependable, and enjoy working with others who do the same. You may want to take the Strengths Finder test and find out if responsibility is in your top five. And even if it is not, you may likely be working with people for whom it is – and it will help you to keep that in mind.

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