Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Savings Accounts

Is a Health Savings Account for you?
A Health Savings Account can be a great option to consider as more and more employers are cutting back on their health care offerings. The health care industry also recommends that employees understand the true cost of their health care, and having to pay for more of their health care certainly is doing that. But a Health Savings Account is one way to take more responsibility for your family’s health care that has a number of benefits.

How it works.
An HSA can only be created alongside a high-deductible health insurance option. The idea is that the savings in your account will cover your first health care costs until you reach the deductible in your plan. The insurance companies can charge much lower premiums for the coverage because they don’t have to pay for all the small charges that fall under the deductible.

The benefits:

· The high deductible health plans save on premiums
· The HSA belongs to the individual, even when he changes jobs
· HSA contributions – and growth – are non-taxable
· Qualified withdrawals (for health care expenses) are non-taxable
· No limits to the amount that can accumulate in an HSA
· HSA’s roll-over; they are not “use it or lose it.”
· Employer and employee can both contribute.
· Contribution limits are released on June 1 every year, so you can plan ahead. And if you start mid-year, you can still contribute the maximum amount.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Having more financial responsibility for your health often leads to making healthier lifestyle choices. And as you become healthier, your Health Savings Account could grow wealthier.

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